The 5 Most Popular Murphy Beds for 2018

Murphy beds also identified as wall beds were named after William Murphy, the bed’s creator. These are created to fold away on the wall after use. In the case of a limited area in your home, Murphy beds are safe, functional, and stylish. There are excellent for any home although they are especially useful for homes that have little living spaces.


Preparing a home for your once in a while visitors to nap is a dream for every homeowner. But, when you don’t have sufficient space to invest in the proper queen size beds, it becomes a small hectic to accommodate guests. Here are the best Murphy beds in the market and a complete buyers guide.

1. Nantucket Murphy Beds Chest, Queen

Nothing is as good as owning a product that will serve your needs and give you excellence during its performance. This is all you get by spending in this Nantucket Murphy Bed Chest.


With Nantucket Murphy bed chest, you will have the chance to offer your customers warm night sleep and have the same style of your home.


This murphy bed can be placed in the living room and serve a storage area. The bed is well intended to save you space and time during assembling. It has a single construction style that enables you to use it as extra storage during the day and meet as a bed during the night.


It’s designed using rubber wood, which supports stability and longevity. With this bed, your visitors will sleep in guarantee comfort thanks to the 6” Coolsoft Gel Infused Memory Foam mattress. The mattress is split into two sections -5” highly flexible support foam and 1” cool soft memory foam.

2. Day & Night Furniture Murphy Cabinet Bed with Mattress, Cherry

The Day & Night Furniture Murphy Beds are created with solid wood for comfort and durability of the sleepers. The furniture ensures enough space to put your other household items during the day and every other time when you don’t have visitors. However, when you get an anticipated guest, you will not be emphasized as the cabinet bed is always available and will assemble in a  minute.


The wooden construction gives a sophisticated image and adds up as a perfect style to any household decoration. A ten-year guarantee also covers the bed against structural and material defects and to ensure the end product is durable and sturdy. A 3-year warranty covers the mattress. With this cabinet bed, issues of charging your phone or connecting other electric gadgets is not a problem to worry off since it has dual power ports with USB place to connect.

3. Day & Night Furniture Murphy Beds Cabinet with Mattress in Chocolate Color

The bed is created with a credenza style to accommodate you with stability and quality. This Murphy cabinet bed will bring a different improvement to your house. With it in the maintenance room, you may not even need to buy in other area cabinets as it can correctly hold all your households including electronics. Therefore, it will produce a different décor style that will not only give a single finish but also give a comfortable peace for your visitors. In the today market where everyone is looking for a space saving product, the Murphy cabinet bed is up to the test. It proves that you don’t need to have more space for you to entertain your visitors. Additionally, the cabinet bed covers a gel-infused memory foam mattress for a stress-free and comfortable rest. It also doesn’t need any installation and can even be placed under the window. The best opinion about this murphy bed is that it can be transferred to any direction in the room for your comfort. With this day &night Murphy cabinet bed, you will solve the problems of storage and sleep at the same time without spending more.

4. Day & Night Furniture Daisy Murphy Beds Cabinet Memory Gel Foam Tri-Fold Mattress

Plan your room and make it in a unique style that brings out the spirit in you. Instead of invest in traditional beds that need a lot of areas to fit and arrange, you can think about this daisy murphy cabinet bed. It directly meets any wall and doesn’t require any wall installation. With this daisy cabinet bed, gives convenient storage for various items including all electrical gadgets in the house. It comes with a full mind foam mattress that assures you comfort for everyday use. The construction style of this Murphy beds guarantee stability and durability. It’s made of sturdy wood to ensure it serves you for a long time. The bed is also created with an easy to close and open procedure to keep you preparation time and give you a very resting period. It has a significant size that accommodates two sleepers well. You will not be worry about where your visitors will sleep even when they come unexpectedly as then Murphy bed is always available for use.

5. Full Wall Bed with 2 Storage Units in Dark Chocolate

This full bed wall is intended to provide quality and excellence in your living room. The bed has a simple to install design, which makes it fit for late night sleepers. It comes with various storage shelves to assure that all your pieces are in safe and place. The two fixed shelves can be used to store bulky gadgets while the movable four shelves can safely keep your other households safe. Although it does not come with a mattress, this full wall bed provides a complete size bed up to 12” making it cozy bed for up to 2 sleepers. Another exciting piece about this bed is that it does not need a lot of installation. It holds well to the wall ensuring that you will be comfortable and safe throughout the night.  It accommodates a maximum weight limit of at least 70lbs. However, the type styles allow this Murphy bed to help high weight capacity regarding storage. It comes with a limited 10-year guarantee that protects it against the manufacturer’s mistakes.


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