Top 4 Highest Rated Mattresses for Murphy Bed

Did you know that the design for the Murphy bed was birthed out of love for a woman? Like most things, it was an invention of requirement. And humankind becomes most creative when it involves love or war.


As we previously mentioned, in this case, it was love. William L. Murphy needed a bed that he could fold up and against the wall so that he could entertain his mistress in his one-room apartment. Back in the first nineteen hundreds, it was glared upon for an unmarried woman to many the room where a man slept. Murphy had no choice – his office was all he had – ergo the beginning of the Murphy bed foldable wall bed.


Today, we have various things to think when we are in the store for a foldable sleeping covering. What is it for? Are you someone who lives in a workshop and you need the place during the day? Or maybe it’s for the guest room in your vacation home? Whatever it is, you want the best mattress to go with a Murphy.


As the mattress settles even on the bed when folded into the wall, compliance is of no consequence. However, it requires to fit on the surface and not shift. Read on for the highest rated mattress.


What is it?

We already touched upon the roots of the Murphy bed in the introduction. You understand that it is a result of love, so what is not to love about it. William L. Murphy’s idea went so well in avoiding the moral rules of the time that he headed to court the woman of his dreams and finally marry her.


Sure, we know that the Murphy bed is blank other than a bed propped up against a wall. Mm, it’s not only one! Thomas Jefferson already achieved that in the eighteen hundreds. What Murphy did was change the bed so that it worked a small bit like a cupboard. He was ready to use springs so that he was able to hoist it up facing the wall. The company he established is still in development to this day.


The modern version comes in various guises. They either fit into inbuilt commodes, cupboards, and the wall itself by using spring and pistons for fixing and motion.


Sizes and Dimensions

You can arrange a mattress for a Murphy bed in any size whether Twin, Queen or King. It all tumbles down to the area you have at your disposal. If the linens are for your kid’s room and you want her or him to have more space during the day, you can get a Queen, or Twin incorporates it into the furniture so that it vanishes into the wall or a commode.


Flexibility is everything. However, you need to be informed of the wall space at your disposal. If the ceilings are low, you might want to go for a bed that folds up into a cabinet and runs down the length of the wall. Like this, you are using a horizontal wall area instead of vertical.


If height is of no value, the vertical choice is the way to go. Depending on the width of the wall, you can have any sleeping cover size that works perfectly for you.


Support System

The support system is the most crucial part. The mechanics behind the name are what gives usage so seamlessly. Most people favor a piston system based on gasoline because it makes drawing it out feel so smooth. Even if it is a King size, you will only notice your muscles working.


If you need something a little cheaper, springs are also pretty good. Just be informed that they are not as strong and they manage to make a slight noise when in use. Also, the process is not as fluid.


It all depends on the brand. Excellent quality speaks for a better support system. Be sure to read the reports when you are researching. You don’t want to wrestle with your wall bed or commode before going to sleep.


Another thing, choose the mattress based on the bedding surface because the base will not have the same support as a conventional bed and you don’t want to forfeit comfort.


Most Recommended Materials

1. Memory Foam

Many of us maintain that memory foam is the best kind of mattress for the Murphy. In some situations, this may be true. Due to the moldable nature of the body, the foam can change and adapt fast, making it perfect for sleeping surfaces that fold up and retreat into a cabinet.


However, if you have a Murphy bed wall bed as the founder, William L. Murphy, intended then it does not matter because the mattress remains even when stored. Then, it all boils down to what you prefer and what position you sleep in.

2. Spring

We very much doubt that the author used latex or a foam sleeping cover when he thought his product. You know why NASA only developed memory foam much later. Here’s a chance – Another guy called Murphy, only this time British, is charged with making the first trade latex in the nineteen twenties.


But back to the top. It’s okay to use a spring-like William Murphy most apparently did back in his day. However, they work great on flat surfaces. All the folding can break the springs over time.

3. Latex

Latex is the most enduring of all of the mattress models. They are also the most valuable of the bunch. It is a matter of feeling. Some people swear by latex whether it is synthetic or made from all-natural elements.


If you are considering latex, highly recommend checking if you are allergic to it in its natural form. Other than that, latex fits with the Murphy very well.

4. Hybrid

The hybrid is composed out of the above three elements and more. In some examples, a mixture can also contain air pockets. It all depends on the product you are looking for.


Some sleeping surfaces combine latex with foam for maximum durability, flexibility, and breathability. An innerspring component is accessible because it adds a better base and allows for firmer edges.


In short, you can use a hybrid with your Murphy – see our top picks. They work on any platform. Do your research to find the highest-quality one.

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