How To Create A Hidden Wall Bed In Any Living Space

It’s evident that you might imagine using a hidden Wall Bed hardware system! Have you ever considered hiding a bed in the wall, so people wouldn’t see that there is a bed in the room at all?


William Murphy thought of that in 1900, and the decisions is a kind of bed that is called following him, a “Murphy bed” or “wall bed.”


Murphy bed is a case that looks like a cabinet or a closet. The step from the wall is about the thickness of a mattress plus some room for the blankets and pillows. So in most cases, the size is about 16”thick, and you can put any furniture beside it, so it does not look like a bed. The beauty of a Murphy bed is that it is a hidden bed in the wall, but as soon as you need to use it as a bed, you can pull the bed frame down hidden bed in hidden bedroom bed against the wall and use it!


The problem with a standard bed is that it takes a lot of space. Assuming space is not a big deal if you lots of it, but it can be problematic if you have limited space or you need the space for other uses. When you hide a bed in the wall, it will be in an upright position and takes less space.


Today the hidden wall bed concept has been modernized, and wall beds are becoming the new craze in-house furniture because most builders make smaller homes and apartments to keep the price affordable in big cities.


The fact that you can sneak a bed in the wall or cabinet in your room differs from a wall bed from standard beds. One thing that is increasing the popularity of hidden beds is the way that they compliment the furniture in the room, and how you can protect a bed between wall units or other pieces of furniture.


Today a hidden bed design can be a simple design or very luxurious depending on your taste and your budget. Although you can quickly match your covered bed with the current furniture in the room, if you don’t want to use a lot of money you can perpetually use do it yourself using methods like the Easy DIY Murphy Bed Kit.


Yes, for sure there is any work involved in any “Do it yourself” project, but you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars by making a hidden wall bed yourself. It’s a pleasant weekend project, and you can also invite your friends over to help you.


Besides, you will have a full range of possibilities to pick from to customize your Murphy hidden bed to your specifications.

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